Monday, 19 March 2012

A Beacon of Hope....

£70,000 worth of damage done by racist thugs
Hi everyone, I'd like to take a minute to talk about a good cause that I am currently supporting (and will continue to support)

Sam Farmer - an outdoor instructor from Cornwall runs a project called "the beacon of hope project" aimed at giving young people from inner city areas and a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to get into the outdoors.

Sadly Sam has been the victim of hideous racial abuse culimating in a second arson attack which destroyed the project buildings and equipment at an estimate of £70,000. Due to the first arson attack Sam was unable to afford the high insurance premium and consequently the damage is not covered over his insurance.
A massive response on has given Sam his own beacon of hope, together we have raised over £3000, with donations of gear, support from other companies has also provided a new website, and support from Wild Country has ensured new climbing is available to Sam.

An amazing response but we need more, if you can spare even a £1 it would help Sam get back on his feet, he is a genuine and caring guy who has been the subject of a disgusting campaign of racial abuse. There is no situation that this kind of abuse is acceptable, and I for one will continue to support Sam in any way I can.

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Thanks for your time :)