Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The OutDoor show 2011

The time has come, bags packed, camera charged, German revised, and tickets printed. Simon and I will be making our way down to Gatwick tonight at around 11pm. Simon has only just arrived back from the Alps so our journey down to London should be interesting! Our flight leaves the UK at 0700hrs, and gets into Zurich, Switzerland around 0950hrs. We will be meeting Juho at the airport and making our way accross the border into Germany. We will be spending the duration of the conference camping, and hopefully making some new friends. Needless to say both of us will be involving ourself in as much of the show as possible. From a personal point of view I will be attending some (not all) of the main lectures, the Polartec party, the movie nights, climbing competition, as well as visiting as many of the stands as possible! I will be adding as much content onto here as possible, me and Si are hoping to do some blogging while we are there, but the majority of content will be added once we get back. A big thanks to Juho and Tribevine for making this possible, hopefully we will contribute enough content to Tribevine to repay the kindness we have been shown. A big thanks also to Mark and Paul Dix at the Outdoors Company for providing me, Simon, and Juho with high quality North Face polo shirts embroided with the Tribevine logo. To everyone who reads this blog; watch this space....

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