Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Harborough Rocks: Helmet cam footage BETA

Finally managed to get out to a crag today, and test out the helmet cam. If you read the article 2 below this one, you can see how I mounted the helmet cam to a Petzl Meteor. Atko is currently gaining a few leads for his SPA training, so offered to lead a few routes on cam. Overall during the day the camera collected over 1.5gb of HD footage, totaling 45mins. I have uploaded a small section to youtube (below) in low resolution, however you get the idea. One thing I hadn't taken into account was the orientation of the camera in the mount, so you will see from the footage that I had to rotate the footage on its side to get it the right way up. In future I won't make that mistake again! Atko lead a few climbs, they have all recorded very well and we can consider this a successful test! More to come over the coming months! Enjoy!

Link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAd_Ayw6UTw
And here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m56QJukR49k
Download short vid here: www.electronicmountainleader.co.uk/helmet cam small.wmv

I also can't resist talking about DMM Offset wires after a crag day, anyone who has used these will understand why! They are incredible, they just fit everywhere! Throughout the day all of the wires were placed at least 3 times each! I would seriously recommend that anyone starting the build a rack at the moment take the plunge and spend the £40 on these. Or better still wait until the outdoor show and blag a set for £20! Well worth it. All in All a good day at the crag today, took some HD footage on my video camera, and helmet camera which I will be compiling into a video over the next few weeks, just need to learn to use Adobe Premiere first......

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