Tuesday, 8 May 2012

7 days of Android - Day 2

The second edition of 7 days of Android features GPS Essentials. GPS essentials is an incredible, well designed, free, piece of software designed to offer all the functionality of a GPS handset, on your Android phone.

How Does it work

The main feature of the software is the GPS dashboard. This is basically a blank canvas that can be filled with all the information you want. There are 45 options for this page, simply select the fields you want displayed and they will be placed into your dashboard. The options available include; Lat/Long, grid reference, accuracy, altitude and many more. This means you can build a custom screen that displays only the information you really use.
For me, I chose accuracy, altitude, Number of satellites, location provider, Lat/Long, Speed, and position, however as previously mentioned there are many more available.

GPS essentials also has a number of other features which are useful for any outdoor user. Firstly you can add waypoints either by manually inputting co-ordinates, or by marking your current location. These can then be viewed in the HUD camera mode. The HUD basically shows your waypoints, in real life. What I mean by this is, if you add a waypoint for a hill or peak, then select that waypoint, you can then look through the HUD and, it will display the waypoint on the screen at the location it marks. It does this by equating your current position to that of the waypoint and shows the mark on the screen - very cool.

You can also import files such as GPX to give you a track to follow. There is also a compass and map (Google maps only, no high detail maps).

HUD display with waypoint (green mark)
How to use

Easy, turn it on, add the information you need to your dashboard, and turn the GPS on. Uploading additional files with tracks etc can also be done by adding them onto the SD card of your phone then importing them. It doesn't need mobile internet (unless you want the Google maps element), but obviously needs your GPS on.


The app has no real limits, it does exactly what it says on the tin - and does it very well!


This app is a must-have app for any outdoorsy types who want to use the GPS on their phone in an effective way. It provides all the functions of a handheld GPS, and it's FREE. Great app, 10/10!

Other information

Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mictale.gpsessentials&hl=en

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