Saturday, 19 May 2012

Angexis Outdoor - updated version 2.0

Last week I reviewed Angexis Outdoor - a mobile app for Android. I made the point that overall the software was good, but it lacked a function to send SMS alerts to contacts, and instead relied on emails being sent. Having seen an update on the Angexis Facebook that they had made a new version with SMS built it, I had to get it as soon as possible! 30 minutes after the update I had version 2.0 (free download from Google Play), and the SMS system works like a dream. I tested it on my girlfriends mobile, the alert sent from my phone featured a website and a 5 letter code. Going to the website gives you then screen below in the screenshot below. Your contact needs to input the code and the last 4 digits of their phone number to view your location, easy peasy, can be done easily through mobile internet too. The position is shown on Google Maps, but also gives you Lat/Long which can be passed on to Mountain Rescue etc.

The texts are sent in one of 3 ways: Firstly if you stop moving for a period of time (which you can set), secondly if you trigger a manual SOS, or thirdly if you are out of range of the Angexis server. You can set all the timescales involved easily from the simple menu. For more detailed information on how the system works, see my original review below.

Overall: great work guys, you've no doubt had some feedback on the software not having SMS and responded to that creating a version that now features SMS alerts. Excellent!

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