Friday, 14 August 2009

Camelion Emergency charger

RRP £3.99

If you guys reading this are anything like me then you'll be the kind of person that likes to stay in touch. I enjoy the solitude of the mountains, but at the end of the day I like to come down and be able to text my lady, or ring my parents or whatever. The main limitation of phones is their battery life, you can text away all day, ring whoever whenever , but when it comes to being away for a week at a time and you want to stay in touch then a low battery is something we'd all like to avoid. To this end I was delighted when I discovered this item. The camelion is a small cylinder that contains a single AA battery, and comes with a variety of adapters for different phones. All you do is simply plug the phone in and it will begin charging your phone!

The device is limited in the amount of power it can give, typically you will get about 90mins talktime from a single AA battery. If you leave the phone off and the camelion plugged in over night then a single AA battery will boost your battery by around 50%. This is excellent for those people who like to keep in touch. This effectively means that as long as you have access to AA batteries then you can keep your phone charged. It comes with adapters for a number of phones, and even has one that fits my Airo A25! And for £3.99 at your local maplins store there is really no downside to this awesome bit of kit! It even has a little LED torch on the end! (not that I reccomend using it too much as it drains the battery!). I used this last week in Wales and it was an excellent piece of kit 10/10! A real must have!

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