Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Satmap Active 10 - first impressions

RRP £379.99 inc maps

Got my hands on one of these units today for the first time. Been wanting to test one for a while! First impressions where the unit seems very good indeed. The screen is big and very useable, the buttons on the side are very ergonomic when you are holding the unit. I also like the fact that unlike the Airo A25 the unit orientates the map as you move, so that the ground around you always makes sense. This is in stark contrast to the A25 that doesn't do this at all and is (I feel a big drawback of the A25). The satmap has its drawbacks however, firstly it doesnt interface with memory map as well as the A25. Also you have to spend upwards of £90 on maps for the unit, where as with the A25 you purchase memory map and get it on your computer and GPS unit. So if I wanted to use the satmap to plan a route on memory map then upload the waypoints and use it navigate through the route I would have to buy the satmap, then buy the maps for the satmap then buy memory map. However despite that I think the satmap fills a gap in the market, for a rugged unit that displays an OS map along with a high quality GPS readout. The unit does not feel as tough and rugged as the Airo (and I doubt it is for that matter), it is however waterproof and dustproof. I will be trying to get hold of one of these for a proper test in the next couple of weeks, where by I will do a few review and comparison against the A25! Watch this space....

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