Friday, 14 August 2009

Memory Map OS-5 Mapping software

RRP £99.99
My faithful companion for the last 3 years. Memory map is a fantastic piece of software that has so many applications and uses. The software is available with OS 1:25k and OS 1:50k maps. It also comes with a 1:250k road Atlas which comes in very handy.

The software itself its (on first look) quite expensive. However when you consider that you can print your own maps whenever you want, it’s not so bad! The software is very user friendly for route planning, you just click where you want to go. The software then adds up height climbed, distance, estimated time, and every other detail you could ever want. Routes can then be exported to GPS. The memory map system allows for easily printing route cards. It is also a brilliant teaching aid, especially if your classroom has a projector.

Memory map also has a 3D view allowing you to see your entire route in 3D as a run through. You can also download your track from a GPS onto the map to see where you have been. There is also aerial photos available for all national park areas, this allows for very realistic looking 3D landscapes. Printing maps is simple and you can print off individual sections and routes and custom scales. All in all there is literally no flaw that I can see with this software aside from the price, which is justifiable if you plan on using it extensively.

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