Sunday, 8 May 2011

Alpine dreaming....

Whilst I have spent a decent amount of time in other countries, I haven't actually headed to the alps. This September will mark the end of that. Looking like I will be heading to the alps, the objective (amongst others) will be Mont Blanc De Cheilon. At 3870m the Peak is a famous for being a great beginners peak. The route we are looking at is an alpine PD, including glacier crossing, basic snow and ice climbing, and some scrambling/rock climbing. Personally I am in no rush to "push my grade", and rush into this. I am looking forward to a nice, chilled few days with a great peak at the end. The peak has a lot going for it from my point of view, not least of which being that the area is German speaking, and I have a decent amount of German! I have been doing

some research into this, and have come up with 3 good points of interest for anyone looking at first time alpine routes in this area.

1) ; this website gives free access to 1:25k mapping of the Swiss alps. Very useful, and can be printed out in pages.

2) the Austrian Alpine Club (UK branch) is worth joining. For £32 (if born 1986 or before, £42 if born after), you get discounted rates at huts, alpine rescue insurance, access to a Bergsteigeressen (Climbers meal), and many more benefits.!

 3) ; summitpost is awesome, and provides excellent information on routes/peaks etc

In the next few months I will produce a detailed equipment guide of what I'm taking (time to revive the cut away photoshopping methinks....)


  1. Arolla is an ace Alpine location, good choice. Might I recommend the traverse of the Pigne d'Arolla linked with Mt Blanc du Cheilon - looks fantastic (we had to bail after the Pigne due to weather when I was out there last), have a read of the report I wrote up on the Pigne and Arolla in general if you're researching the area etc:

  2. Hey Lauren, Thanks that looks awesome I look into it, great report!