Tuesday, 10 May 2011

CAMP Air Cam failure - conclusion

A while back I wrote about a friend who had experienced a problem with the CAMP air cam - see below. Andy sent back his set of 5 cams to CAMP for testing. 2 of them failed the strength test and were replaced by CAMP. The 2 cams that failed the test had a batch number of cams that were recalled. These should therefore have not been on sale by Black's in the first place, as they (as all retailers of these cam's) were contacted to inform them that this batch was faulty and should not be sold. Pretty piss poor on Black's part if you ask me? So please if you have any CAMP air cam's, get them checked out, even if you just email CAMP with a batch number to check yours are ok, last thing you need if your cam to collapse half way up a route. Good service by CAMP, and good that they followed this through and tested all the cam's replacing were needed, appalling work by Blacks. Thanks to Andy for passing on this info.

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