Sunday, 8 May 2011

Climbing games book - Paul Smith

From a climbing instructors point of view, when working with groups it is very good to be able to make the session as fun as possible. Incorporating games into a session can be a great way of warming up, coaching, and building on a "toolbox" of skills that the group can draw upon. When I first started leading sessions I knew a few games, but always found it useful to try and pickup more. One evening I googled "climbing games book" and found this. The book is excellent, and was exactly what I was looking for. Each game had different symbols indicating what the game focussed on (e.g. Balance, core etc). It also clearly explains each game. The book is also split into different sections for reference. I have passed this book around all the other instructors at work and  we all agree this book is a cracking piece of literature for an instructor. It is especially good for anyone going for an SPA assessment and looking for a few coaching games, I personally used games from this book on my assessment and the guide running the course was very impressed. The book can be picked up on for £5.07 (, and is definately worth investing in!

An example of the books format and layout can be found here (pdf. Format)

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